Discontinuation of ShopBack PayLater

Starting from 22 March 2024 00:00 hours, customers will no longer have the option to make payments through ShopBack PayLater. This change applies to both online and in-store PayLater merchants.

Will ShopBack continue to offer its other services?

Yes! You can continue to enjoy ShopBack’s range of other services, including earning Cashback from your online transactions, paying with ShopBack Pay at your favourite merchants, and Vouchers or Gift Cards. The Cashback you have accumulated from your past transactions (including PayLater transactions, if any) will continue to be available for you to use and/or cash out to your bank accounts.

Can I still use ShopBack PayLater from now until 21 Mar 2024?

If you are an existing ShopBack PayLater user with a healthy repayment record, you will be able to continue making new purchases via ShopBack PayLater until 21 March 2024 at participating online/physical stores, subject to their operating hours. Any goods or services that were purchased via ShopBack PayLater before the specified time shall be fulfilled as usual.

If you have not used ShopBack PayLater before you will not be able to access the ShopBack PayLater service with immediate effect.

What happens to my outstanding instalment(s)? 

Outstanding instalment repayment(s) must continue to be paid on time. Please ensure that you have a valid payment method associated with your ShopBack account to avoid late fee(s) on overdue payment(s).

If you’d like to make an early repayment, you may do so by selecting the "Pay Now" option in the ShopBack app.

What happens to my PayLater data?

You will continue to have access to your transaction history in the ShopBack app and via the ShopBack website www.shopback.my.

ShopBack’s data privacy practices are governed by Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act Your data will be retained as per statutory guidelines. You may also refer to our Privacy Policy for more information. Should you have any concerns regarding your data, you may reach us at dpo@shopback.com.

Will merchants fulfil my orders?

All merchants are expected to continue fulfilling your purchases.

In the unlikely event that your purchase is not fulfilled, we strongly encourage you to reach out to the merchant directly. You may also reach out to the Consumer Forum of Malaysia https://cfm.my/how-to-complaint/ for Malaysia to resolve any disputes.

What happens to my paid instalment(s) if my ShopBack PayLater order is refunded after 21 Mar 2024?

Where a refund is agreed between you and the merchant, upon receipt of the refund request from the merchant, ShopBack will continue to process the refund. The refund will be issued based on the original payment method used at the time of purchase.

Why am I unable to delink my default PayLater card?

You are required to have at least one payment card linked to your ShopBack account if you have one or more outstanding PayLater installments that have yet to be paid. To change your default linked card, select or add another valid default Paylater card first. You will be able to remove your linked card when you have repaid all your outstanding PayLater instalments.

You may reach us at help@shopback.my should you require any further assistance.

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