ShopBack PayLater and Pay: Seamless Online and In-Store Experiences

Experience the convenience of ShopBack's payment solutions, which include ShopBack PayLater and ShopBack Pay. With ShopBack PayLater, you can split your purchase into three monthly instalments, without any interest or hidden fees as long as payments are made on time. In case of overdue payments, a 2-day grace period is provided before late fees are charged.
ShopBack Pay, on the other hand, offers a seamless way to enjoy the benefits of ShopBack while shopping in physical stores. Discover affiliated stores nearby, continue your regular shopping routine, and make payments conveniently using ShopBack.


How to find ShopBack Pay or PayLater stores

  1. On the ShopBack app, tap Nearby.
  2. Search for brands or categories if you have something specific in mind. Or, use the Map feature to see all available stores near you.
  3. Tap to filter for stores that support ShopBack Pay (Pay in Full) & ShopBack PayLater.

ShopBack PayLater

Set up PayLater

You can use any Malaysia-issued Visa and Mastercard card for PayLater. We unfortunately don’t accept e-Wallets. You can also use your available Cashback to offset upcoming payments.

If you have a demonstrated record of timely payments and responsible spending with PayLater, you may be eligible to use prepaid cards for instalment payments. However, ShopBack reserves the right to evaluate your eligibility for using prepaid cards periodically.

Check out Manage payment methods to learn more about how to set up PayLater for your ShopBack account.

How PayLater works

We’ve created PayLater to help you split a big purchase into 3 manageable instalments. We’ll automatically deduct payments following this schedule:

  1. 1st instalment: Upfront payment
  2. 2nd instalment: 30 days from checkout (purchase date + 30 days)
  3. 3rd instalment: 60 days from checkout (purchase date + 60 days)

Your 2nd and 3rd instalments are automatically deducted from your default card in your ShopBack account. For more information on how the instalments work, check out Understand and manage PayLater instalments.

How to use PayLater

For online purchases

  1. Browse through stores offering ShopBack PayLater as a payment method in Interest-free PayLater. Look out specifically for stores offering Pay in 3 online.




  2. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, continue to checkout as usual. Select ShopBack PayLater as your payment option.
  3. Confirm the final amount and swipe to pay.



For in-store purchases

  1. Browse through stores offering ShopBack PayLater as a payment method in Interest-free PayLater. Look out specifically for stores offering Pay in 3 in-store.
  2. Or, if you have a specific store in mind, use the search bar and filter for Pay in 3. Make sure you’re still browsing for In-Store.


  3. If you select Laneige, for example, you’ll see all Laneige stores near you offering PayLater.

  4. Visit the store and shop as usual.
  5. At the cashier, tap Scan and scan the QR code to pay. You will see the return Cashback percentage offered by the merchant.
    Return Cashback

  6. Then you will see your PayLater schedule. Proceed to choose your payment method.
  7. When you decide to pay in 3, you may use Cashback or a preferred payment method to pay for your 1st instalment. 
  8. Your 2nd and 3rd instalments will be charged to your assigned default billing card which can be found under your Manage Payment Method.
  9. If everything looks good to go, confirm the final amount and swipe to pay.


Using Cashback to pay

When you use ShopBack PayLater, you can also use available Cashback to offset the total amount of your order.

Available balance and limits

There is a limit on the PayLater amount you can spend. You can view your spending and remaining balance from your ShopBack account under Available to spend.

A few things to note about your PayLater spending limit:

  • The available limit for users is dynamic and is influenced by factors such as repayment history, instalment debt, and tenure with ShopBack. The approval decision is based on multiple data points, and a rejection for one purchase does not guarantee future rejections.

Restricted items

Taking into account laws, regulations, and other internal reviews, you can’t purchase to following using ShopBack PayLater:

  • Drugs and substances
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Gambling-related items
  • Gift cards and certificates
  • Electric scooters

This list is not exhaustive. We might make changes to this list to meet regulatory, ethical and risk standards.


ShopBack Pay

How it works 

Make instant cashless payments with ShopBack Pay (Pay in Full), or easy instalments with no hidden fees with PayLater. Easily link your account with your preferred bank payment card, request to make payments with ShopBack at the counter, and simply scan the ShopBack QR code to complete the transaction.


Pay using Scan & Pay

  1. To use Scan & Pay, link your payment method first. See Manage payment methods on how to link your payment method.
  2. Tap Pay or Scan & Pay to open your camera.
  3. Scan the ShopBack QR code to pay.
  4. It’s that easy!


Pay in Full

  1. When you are at the cashier, tap the scan icon at the bottom of the home screen and scan the QR code to pay.
  2. If the store has both Pay and PayLater options, you’ll see Pay in 3 and Pay in Full.
  3. If you are using Pay in Full: Choose your preferred credit or debit card or Cashback to pay for your items in full. 
  4. You will be able to see the return cashback % on the merchant page.
  5. If everything looks good to go, confirm the final amount and swipe to pay.


See How to Pay for your purchase for more information. 


Return Cashback and Loyalty Reward

Return Cashback

Your Cashback will be confirmed on every subsequent visit. This is a great way to earn Cashback at your favourite stores when you use ShopBack PayLater & Pay. Please kindly note that there are selected merchants offering cashback, so we recommend checking your app before proceeding with your checkout.

Are you facing issues with your Return Cashback?  

  • For rejected or overdue Return Cashback, you may contact our support team and we will get your Return Cashback sorted.

Loyalty Reward

Loyalty Reward can be earned at participating merchants on In-Store by completing the qualifying goal – this could be a spending goal or a certain number of visits during a specified time period. 

  • The requirements may vary for certain merchants or campaigns, so please be sure to read the requirements for each program carefully.
  • Loyalty progress will appear as Pending until you have progressed towards the accumulated spend.  
  • Once you have reached the spending goal and all the transactions are validated, your Loyalty Reward will be unlocked and you may view via your ShopBack App.
    - To access the list of ongoing rewards you are participating in, navigate to the "Account" section and then select the "Loyalty" option.

Explore ShopBack PayLater and Pay to unlock these benefits and elevate your shopping both online and in physical stores!

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