Partner Stores' Terms and Conditions

Our Partner Stores’ Terms and Conditions are on their respective page.

Here is the 📃 list of all our Partner Stores available in ShopBack.


Let me show you how to search for the Terms and Conditions. 👇

1. Search and click on the store that you are planning to shop

2. You will be brought to the page of the store

3. Search for the 'Shop Now' button and click it

4. You will see a page listing all the Terms and Conditions set by the store

5. Take your time digesting everything before you shop! 🔍


As the saying goes, "know how to win by following the rules". Earn your Cashback by adhering to their Terms and Conditions.  🏆




Please feel free to chat with our ShopBack Virtual Assistance if you have any queries! 😊

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