How do I submit a Missing Cashback request?

1) Click here to go to the Missing Cashback form.

2) You would be redirected to a Missing Cashback form. Kindly click on the Store that you are missing Cashback from, and choose the Purchased Date accordingly. 

Some things to note:
The store and purchased date displayed would be as per your Click Activity history. If there is no date stated for the specific purchase, it would mean that you did not make any click-through during that time, making the purchase not attributed to us!


3) After choosing the merchant and click-through date, do fill in the order ID in the next window. Not sure what is the order ID? Check here.


4) Next, key in your purchase details, and upload your Order Confirmation! Make sure the following information is displayed:
- Order ID
- Purchase date
- Full price breakdown
- Purchase details

NOTE: You may upload file types of .PNG, .JPEG and .PDF, not more than 20MB


5) Once filed, you would be notified of the investigation, and will be finalized within 14 days upon submission. Alternatively, you may view the investigation status in your ShopBack account at the Cashback Activity tab.


Please feel free to chat with our ShopBack Virtual Assistance if you have any queries! 😊

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