What Campaigns do ShopBack have?

Who's up for numerous exciting promotional Campaigns from us, say "Aye!" If you are one of those amazing people, this year ShopBack will be celebrating ShopFest that happens throughout September, October, November, December, and end on 2nd January 2022. Throughout this period, there will be astounding ShopFest deals and campaigns as well as EXTRA discounts to give out! If that is too much for you to keep track of, here are the key dates.

9.9: Rewards Day

10.10: 10-10 Sale

11.11: 11-11 Sale

26.11 - 29.11: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

12.12: Online Fever

16.12 - 31.12: Year-End Sale

Mark these dates down in your calendar to load up on a ShopFest deal or two.

As it has been and always will be, you the Shopper, are the Boss. For ShopFest, the spotlight will be on you. To ensure this, ShopBack is working tirelessly in the background together with our partners to ensure you get the best ShopFest coupon codes and ShopFest discounts!


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