12.12 Bonus Cashback Voucher Campaign

1) How To Shop

- As advertised on the ShopBack Mobile App homepage or you may simply go through here https://www.shopback.my/1212-sales, the 12.12 Bonus Cashback Voucher Campaign giving you extra chance in opening yourself up to even greater savings; on top of what you have already saved!

2) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do all merchants in ShopBack provide the Cashback Vouchers during this campaign?

- Apparently, only some of the merchants are giving away voucher codes for purchases made by customers on top of the Cashback received:


Touch N’ Go

Reload a minimum of RM 10 with ShopBack and get RM 1.50 bonus Cashback! You can use Touch N’ Go to pay for your toll costs, food and beverage purchases, cinemas, hotels and more, so reload and earn more Cashback.


Spend a minimum of RM 10 with Boost and earn RM 1.50 bonus Cashback!

New Customers: Travel

Never made a travel purchase on ShopBack before? Now’s your chance with up to a RM 50 bonus voucher on your first travel purchase on 12.12. Look for it on the app and get your bonus voucher during the 12.12 sales!


Get rewarded with RM 0.50 each time you take a survey on ShopBack. The more surveys you take, the more Cashback you get. It’s a simple and cost-free way to earn free Cashback just from taking a survey!

  • Do the vouchers given unlimitedly?

- Whoops! As much as we want that to happen, all things must have an end; and so do these vouchers 😁 So, fast-fingers, go and grab them!


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