How do I de-link my Taobao account from my ShopBack account?

Starting from 6th October 2021, ShopBackers are no longer needed to link your Taobao to your ShopBack account! We have improved our system to ease your shopping journey. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now you can enjoy shopping with Taobao with one click through from ShopBack! โ˜๏ธ


On the other hand, we would like to highlight that not all items on Taobao are eligible for Cashback and the Cashback rates for different items on Taobao vary accordingly to the sellers.

In this case, only items that are listed in the search results by using the following search bars would be eligible for Cashbacks.

1. Search bar on Taobao deals page at our website - (PC) OR
2. Search bar on ShopBack Buddy Extension (PC) OR
3. "" search bar on ShopBack in-app web (Mobile) OR
4. "" search bar on Taobao App with redirection from ShopBack App (Mobile)Items that are not searched using the search bars above are not eligible for Cashback.

In this matter, you may refer to the HOW TO SHOP ON TAOBAO/TMALL on the Taobao deals page at our website ( OR you may also watch this Youtube video ( for better clarifications.


If you have any other enquiries, you may contact our ShopBack Virtual Assistance, and we would be glad to help you further. :)


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