adidas Product Exclusions

There is always a limitation to our happiness, and adidas vouchers are no exception! 😞

Unfortunately, the vouchers cannot be redeemed for several items listed under the adidas Product Exclusions. Especially products in the category of limited edition and super-exclusive. πŸ‘‡

  • HYPE & STATEMENT footwear
  • Pharrell
  • Alpha 4D

πŸ“’ During monthly campaigns, the vouchers would also comply with product category exclusion. Please follow the terms and conditions stated in the adidas monthly campaign.

Note: Campaign exclusion lists are only visible during the campaign period.

Below is an example of the T&C page for adidas' monthly campaign. The sale period will be stated on the page with the Exclusion list.



To search for the excluded product in the campaign listings, you must first have the Product Code that can be obtained from the adidas website under the product specification.

Here's how you can obtain the code:

1. Go to adidas website

2. Find the product you want

3. Scroll down and look under Details

4. Copy the Product code, eg: FX5502

5. Use the code to search in Product Exclusion listings


❗Vouchers are deducted before campaign discounts are applied.


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