I am unable to verify and activate ShopBack PayLater. How can I resolve this?

Here are a few solutions that you may try if you encounter any of the following issues:

Issues Actions to be taken
Identity document not recognisable

Ensure that: 

  • You’re using the same approved identity document which you used at the start of the registration process.
  • Your document is in good condition and not damaged (e.g. crumpled or stained).
  • Your document’s photos should be of good quality and not be affected by any strong light reflection.
  • Your document should be completely visible and not covered by anything.
Selfie can't be seen Kindly ensure that your face is fully visible & the photo taken is in a well-lit environment
Wrong side of identity document Please take a photo of your front view identity document first. Once that is done, you may then move on to take a photo of the back view of your identity document
Passport not accepted ShopBack PayLater is currently available for Malaysian customers at the moment. we have taken note of customers who want to use passports to verify their ShopBack PayLater.


If you face other difficulties not listed above, please reach out to our Customer Service team for further assistance. Just a note that when you speak with them, they might ask questions to confirm your identity.

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