How do I sign up for ShopBack PayLater?

If you’re a new ShopBack user, you’ll need to register for a ShopBack account first. Once this is up, head to your home screen, select “Interest-Free PayLater”, click on “Activate”, and let us guide you through the process.


If you’re an existing ShopBack user, select “Interest-Free PayLater” on your home screen, click on “Activate” and let us guide you through the process. 




In line with the regulatory requirements for using ShopBack PayLater, we’ll need you to  share the following information when you register:

• A MyKad/MyTentera number

• A mobile number issued with a Malaysia prefix (+60)

• A valid email address

• Credit card/debit card issued by a local bank/institution. 

By sharing your details, will allow us to assess if your transaction can be supported by ShopBack PayLater. 

  1. Identification of users: To help us to confirm your identity, we’ll require a front and back photo of your MyKad at sign-up. 
  2. Fraud prevention: We want to provide a secure in-app checkout process for all of you, to prevent any misuse of identity or funds.


At ShopBack, we take your privacy and data security very seriously. Our privacy policy explains how we may collect, use, disclose and safeguard any personal data you provide to us.

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