ShopBack Pay online payment rewards

Shopping online has never been more rewarding, especially when you're using ShopBack. Whether you're on your mobile device or desktop, the process is simple and the rewards are significant. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to leverage ShopBack Pay online payment rewards for seamless transactions and earn enticing Cashback.

What it is

ShopBack Pay online payment rewards is an exciting scratch card reward program available exclusively for online purchases, with plans to expand to in-store transactions in the future. You will have the chance to earn bonus Cashback, with rewards tiered according to your order value or basket size, ranging up to RM100. It's important to note that the value of the scratch card is ultimately randomised.

To participate in this reward program, you can visit the designated campaign page at ShopBack Pay Online and link your credit or debit card to your ShopBack account.

How it works

  1. Link your card to ShopBack
  2. Pay with ShopBack online
  3. Once purchase is completed, you have to go to your Rewards page to access your scratch card
  4. You have to scratch it within 14 days to redeem the Cashback. After that, it will expire.

Terms and conditions

  • Ensure a minimum spend of RM10 per order to unlock a scratch card.
  • Enjoy the thrill of unlimited scratch cards throughout the year.
  • The scratch cards expire within 14 days. If left unopened within this timeframe, you won’t receive the Cashback reward.
  • Keep the ShopBack app at your fingertips to receive the scratch cards and bonus Cashback.
  • Randomised rewards (Up to RM100 Cashback) are now accessible for both online and in-store orders.
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