Manage payment methods

Add your payment method to the ShopBack app to earn Cashback effortlessly. By adding a payment method, you’ll get access to:

  • ShopBack PayLater: Split and manage big payments into 3 instalments.
  • ShopBack Pay: Pay in full today and earn Cashback.

We are committed to protecting your personal data. We never share your information with third parties. Read more about our data protection policy.

How to add a payment method

Add up to 10 cards to your ShopBack account. We might charge a small fee when you first link your card to check your account’s validity. But don’t worry, we’ll refund you the amount within 7 to 14 working days. When adding your credit or debit card, note that we only support cards issued in Malaysia.

For app For web
  1. Go to Account → Linked payment methods.

  2. Choose your preferred payment method:
    • Add a credit or debit card securely
      • Add your card information which can be found on the back of your credit or debit card.

How to set up ShopBack PayLater

If you haven’t made an account yet, you must do that first. Once you’re logged in:

  1. On the home screen, tap Interest-free PayLater.
  2. Under PayLater Activation, tap Activate.
  3. Enter your Malaysian-issued Visa or Mastercard number.
  4. Then, select your identity verification method:
    • MyKad
    • MyTentera

It can take a few minutes for us to verify your identity but once it's successfully verified, you can now pay in 3!

Why do we need to verify your identity

We only ask for information to follow the regulatory requirements for using ShopBack PayLater. We only use the provided information to ensure your identity and prevent fraud. You can check our Privacy Policy which further explains how we collect, use, disclose and safeguard any personal data you provide. 

Things to note for PayLater

  • You can’t use ShopBack PayLater in another country.
    • You could register for a new account in a different country where ShopBack is available but you have to re-register and re-activate ShopBack PayLater for that country.

How to remove a payment method

Follow these steps to remove your card from the account.

  1. Go to Account → Linked payment methods.
  2. Tap on the more icon (...) to the right of the card.
  3. Tap on the remove icon (-) to the left of the card.
  4. Tap Remove Card.
  5. A warning message will appear. Tap Remove Card to confirm.
  6. Note: You must possess at least one card on your account if you have any outstanding instalments remaining.

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