Other missing rewards

ShopBack sometimes issues Cashback indirectly, for example in the form of scratch cards or gift boxes. These rewards are usually associated with an activity such as:

  • Completing a challenge.
  • Paying for an online purchase using ShopBack Pay.

Where to find these rewards

  • You’ll find scratch cards and other indirect rewards in your Rewards page. Simply select from your homepage Earn More → Rewards.
  • Once you’ve opened the reward, the Cashback you receive will appear in your Cashback history page.


Special conditions for ShopBack Pay scratch cards

  • Each user is limited to 30 scratch cards per year.
  • The scratch cards expire within 48 hours. If you don’t open it within this time period, you won’t receive the Cashback.
  • You must have the ShopBack app in order to receive the scratch cards and bonus Cashback. See Get started: Set up your ShopBack account on how to install the ShopBack app.
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