Cashback status issues

My Cashback status doesn’t seem correct. What should I do?

You’re concerned with your Cashback status because it's not updating to reflect any recent changes. Or, your Cashback has expired and you’re looking for ways to reinstate it. Here’s how we can help in those situations.

What you can try

Cashback amount: Calculating

For travel

For most travel-related purchases (e.g Expedia,, Agoda, etc), the Cashback will only be validated after the stay checkout date. The exact time frame will also vary by the travel company.

For appFor web

To find more in-depth information about your Cashback, go to your Lifetime earnings on the home screen. Then, go to Cashback in and click on Tracked to reveal the details.

Cashback status issues_app_SS_01.png

Cashback status issues_app_SS_02.png

Cashback status issues_app_SS_03.png

Non-travel purchases

In other situations, the final Cashback amount will be updated after the purchase is validated.

You can find the details on the estimated time frame by going to your Lifetime earnings → Cashback activity and expanding on Pending to reveal the details.

Expired Cashback

We send a reminder email approximately 2 months before your Cashback expires. We do this to ensure that your account remains active - meaning at least 1 purchase is made via Shopback within 1 year.

In case your Cashback has expired, reach out to our support team to assist you further.

Missing Cashback

For missing or incomplete Cashback, check out this article on Cashback tracking issues: Missing or incomplete Cashback.







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