Withdrawal not received

I did not receive my withdrawal. What should I do?

You've successfully initiated your Cashback withdrawal, but the payment hasn't reflected in your bank account yet. In some instances, we may have initiated the transfer, but it could take up to 5 calendar days from your request for the transaction to be completed. During public holidays, the process may extend slightly, but it will still be finalized within 5 working days.

Delays in receiving your Cashback may occur due to incorrect withdrawal details. Ensure you update your information (e.g., bank account number) before submitting a withdrawal request. If it’s been unusually long, here’s what you can do to investigate.

What you can try

If your Cashback withdrawal status is Paid, you’ll be able to request remittance advice. A remittance advice is a proof of payment to certify that ShopBack has indeed deposited your hard-earned Cashback.

In your Cashback Overview, go to Withdrawal History and expand on the purchase to see and select Need help?. Note that you can only request a remittance advice within 30 days from the date you requested your withdrawal.

Click Get proof of transfer and you’ll receive the remittance advice in your email in 24 hours.

Contact your bank and use this Remittance Advice as proof to investigate the missing payment.

If you need additional help, reach out to reach out to our support team for further assistance.


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